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Notes on Crab Bite Infection [Updated]

[NOTE: This report was NOT posted on the network. It was compiled into data form and delivered to its recipients. If you are any level of member of Team Science or a known doctor, you have received this report. If you are a Raccoon City survivor, you have received this report. If you are Albert Wesker, you have received this report. If you believe your character should receive a copy of this report, ask me and I will determine if so. You probably did.]

[Notes on Parasite Crab Infection]

Compiled from Data Collected by L. Sera, R. Chambers, F. Madaraki
(as compiled by L. Sera)

The infection is caused by a viral compound present in the saliva of a crab. Being bitten by a crab will transfer the infection to the victim. Onset of stage 1 symptoms occurs within several hours of infection, with pain and numbness present immediately upon injury.

There are five stages of infection of increasingly severe symptoms, with stage 5 resulting in the victim's transformation into a monster, designation "Cloverfield", as witnessed in the case of A. Basil. There is still much unknown about how the virus works or how it affects human cells to such a point-- or non-human cells, for that matter. More data is needed with regards to non-human specimens, further study req'd.

The virus is extremely sensitive to the conditions it is existing in. Unlike some other types of viruses, it cannot survive very long outside of a living crab specimen, outside of the infected victim, or without living blood or tissues to support it. As such, it has been difficult to study its molecular operations. Further study req'd.


DATA A: Chambers, Rebecca
22 / Female / AB
Notes taken by Chambers throughout Stage 1-3 of infection.

DATA B: Kennedy, Leon
28 / Male / A
Notes taken from blood sample administered by L. Sera in Stage 1.

DATA C: Madaraki, Fran
?? / Female / ??
Notes taken by Madaraki throughout Stage 1-3 of infection; Stage 4 notes taken by L. Sera based on tissue sample from infection site.

NOTE: The data for Madaraki is somewhat questionable, as there is is extremely unusual physiological... everything for her. Further study req'd?

DATA D: Frye, Kaylee
21 / Female / O
Notes taken from blood/tissue samples taken by L. Sera in Stage 2.

DATA E: Basil, Andrew
?? / Male / ??
Notes taken from vivid blue/green vomitus produced by victim during Stage 5 transformation. No blood or tissue samples are available otherwise.

Stage 1
Duration: 1-4 days after infection
Symptoms: Weakness, tiredness, fatigue-- by day 3 a cough develops and fever/aches may be present.

Stage 2
Duration: 5 to 12 days after infection
Symptoms: Fatigue, cough and fever continue and worsen-- appetite lessens and respiratory problems occur near the end of the second week.

Stage 3
Duration: 13 to 21 days after infection
Symptoms: All symptoms worsen-- weight loss occurs and subject is weak. Coughing slowly worsens and blood is present in sputum.

Stage 4
Duration: 22 days to...?
Symptoms: Coughing and breathing difficulties worsen. Fatigue makes movement difficult, mild delirium may be present.

Stage 5
Duration: ???
Symptoms: After a certain period of time, symptoms from stage 4 increase to unbearable levels. The patient suffers from severe pain, itching, seizures, delirium, bleeding and vomiting a strange blue/green-colored substance of unknown origin. The patient then undergoes an immediate, horrific transformation into a "Cloverfield" monster.

Little is known as to how this happens or why. Further study req'd.

Infection appears to be life-threatening beyond stage 3-- all subjects in good health, no current data on patients with prior health conditions. It is not out of the question to think that a patient in poor health would not survive long past that stage, much less the transformation in stage 5.

At this point there is no medical treatment or cure for the virus. Patients must undergo a process called "healing" involving certain individuals with special powers. "Healing" eliminates the virus and all of its symptoms. Very little is known about the "healing" process and this researcher must remain incredibly skeptical to call it "magic", but for the time being that is all there is to work off of.

Current Priorities:

1. Study virus/effects on cellular level.
2. Formulate vaccine.

Any questions or comments about this report should be directed to L. Sera.

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...sorry, Luis, but this is way outta my element. Thanks for the info, though. I'll help any way I can.

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My big brother and I are all right at chemistry and biology. We're better with plants than animals, but if there's any way we can help...