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[Seriously, pretend he read a book about hacking and put every lock on this he could find.]




A. Thick gelatin-based formula saturated with nutrients including sodium, glucose, starches.
Yesterday's data provided reactions when applied to iodine-based solution.
Underreaction to iodine solution suggested to be result of contamination/other
Debris fallen into petri dish midway through
Afternoon's testing, resulting samples discarded after no reactions were found.
More results required before conclusions can be properly
Examined as final results.

[/end of screening]

Maria, que una noche! If you're ever free another evening I'd love to have another stimulating conversation with you.


Apr. 1st, 2009 12:00 am
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[Private to Self, medium security]

Still no breakthroughs, nothing but a couple interesting squiggles on a slide.

- Lifespan of infectious agent- further study req'd
(need to acquire new samples- Kennedy and Madaraki samples both inactive at last examination)
- Further chemical analysis- contact Chambers/T.S. re: data
- Future plans...?

Side note: Consult Redfield/Alomar re: Kijuju Plagas
Continue self-examination re: death?
(Check vitals/levels one more time before calling it quits.)


Quite a dark week in the neighborhood.

But hey, funny how one little ray of light can make everything all better, sí? I can only hope there are others who agree with me in our midst.

Only, you can get a little caught up on it after a while, if you know what I mean. Makes you wish it would come around more often.
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