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[NOTE: This report was NOT posted on the network. It was compiled into data form and delivered to its recipients. If you are any level of member of Team Science or a known doctor, you have received this report. If you are a Raccoon City survivor, you have received this report. If you are Albert Wesker, you have received this report. If you believe your character should receive a copy of this report, ask me and I will determine if so. You probably did.]

Compiled by L. Sera )
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ooc: whoever that is, am I right?

This is it. This is it this is it this is it!

I wasn't sure when I first picked up the sample from today but I've run a few tests and...

Señors y señoritas, this is crab venom they found.

I've been trying to isolate a sample of this for weeks, but the damn stuff fades off and dies too quick for me to get a look at it-- these samples have been mixed with some kind of blood-based nutrient gel to keep it alive.

It's too soon to say right now but if I try doing the same to my samples, I might be able to isolate it from another live specimen so we could get as much as we need. And if we've got samples, we've got time to work on a possible treatment.

In the meantime... Ms. Chambers, Dr. Neville, any of the rest of you who are into this kind of thing-- when you get some time, what with all the shenanigans and goings on around here, let's get to my lab and a look at this little bastard.


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