Jan. 5th, 2009 11:10 pm
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Examination of another specimen is going well. Have most likely established the creatures' existence as its own occurring species-- none such on record, but naturally occurring to be certain. No parasitic entity or obvious signs of other species' genetic material overtly present.

(Note: In the case of a man-made organism such as a B.O.W., there are obvious differences in genetic structure indicative of a crossbred/laboratory origin. EX: Examining a Novistador specimen reveals both human and insect genetic material separate from that of the Plaga parasite infecting it. No such obvious differences here.)

Slight differences in size and color compared to specimen #1. Specimen #2 is larger and seems to have a more developed exoskeleton in parts, larger mandibles and a few differences in the internal organs. Death caused once again by gunshot-- one high-caliber rifle round removed from the thoracic area, wedged between organs E and F (a "heart" and some sort of digestive organ, purpose and function unknown, further study req'd)

My equipment isn't sophisticated enough in a simple medical office to perform advanced bloodwork and other tests. The only way I'll be able to find out more will be to find more advanced equipment or to put my head together with other researchers.

- Identify function of major organs
- In-depth bloodwork and chemical analysis


Any nerds out there? Does anybody know more about those... crab things, other than that they're mean and they bite? I'm not looking for a full biology lesson or anything, but maybe somebody can enlighten a curious mind.

In the meantime, Feliz Navidad, amigos. Didn't think I'd be seeing another Christmas, but you never know the cards Lady Luck's going to throw at you. She's one tricky dealer, if you know what I mean.

Hey Leon, you guys over there at the bar doing anything for the holiday? And anybody mind if I tag along?

Or perhaps there's a lady out there who'd like a little warm company this holiest of evenings?


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