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■ ■ ■ ■ ■ = Close friends (and one family member.) This also includes the women Luis would totally have repeated one-night stands with.

■ ■ ■ ■ = On good terms. Coworkers, drinking buddies, gorgeous women who give him the time of day, one-night stands, etc.

■ ■ ■ = Neutral. Luis has no strong opinions either way about these people, but he'd certainly still be friendly to them. If they are women, he would probably like to hit on them (or has tried.)

■ ■ = Disliked. You've probably done something to annoy him, like tell him he's working too hard or cockblock him.

■ = Hated. What the hell did you do to draw that reaction?

---ON STACY---

Leon Kennedy

[ profile] governmentninja
"He could've gotten out of there-- he probably should've; he might have been better off if he had. But he decided to help me, and he died for it."

- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Luis' best friend aboard the ship. He is indebted to the American agent for saving his life (temporarily) and destroying Los Illuminados in Luis' stead after he had died. He trusts Leon's leadership, is very loyal to him and is eager to be useful to him, in order to make amends for the whole Pueblo mess. This sometimes includes making cool new guns for him. Think of Luis as the Q to Leon's James Bond. The two of them are truly bros.

No homo.

Scarlet Levy

[ profile] medicalmind
""Well, surprising as it may be you're not that repulsive when you aren't trying so hard you'd embarrass Casanova."

- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Luis' second-in-command of the Science Department and one of his little crushes. Not only is he impressed by Scarlet's beauty, but he's dazzled by her intellect and the two of them have a lot in common besides (like being previously dead, for instance.) So far his attempts to seduce her have been unsuccessful, but he almost feels like pursuing her is more fun than actually getting anywhere. He HAS been on a few dates with her, though, and has no plans to give up on her.

Trucy Chacon

[ profile] we_deliver
"You probably couldn't tell a pretty girl anymore if she stripped and did a tap-dance on your desk."

- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Good friends with benefits. Luis couldn't be happier with the situation here. Trudy is hot, crazy in the sack and committed to the same lack of commitment that he is (albeit for different reasons.) He also maintains a healthy knowledge of the fact that she could absolutely kick his ass if she wanted to, which kind of makes it hotter, in a way. In any case, he's pleased to carry on with her into the foreseeable future.

Sherry Birkin

[ profile] in_venting

- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Who knew Mr. Playboy liked kids? He especially likes Sherry, anyway, both because she's Leon's daughter and because she reminds him of himself as a child-- a smartass who loves to learn. Luis has taken on the role of Sherry's cool uncle and likes to teach her about science, or lets her help him out in the laboratory (on the safer experiments.)


[ profile] governorkang

- ■ ■ ■ ■ - Kang and Luis have kind of a bizarre friendship since they were stuck in a nightmare together. Oddly, the Draconian commander and the Spanish scientist have a good rapport and enjoy a few drinks now and then. Plus, Kang let Luis study him a little bit.

James Howard
Samuel Henderson
Fletcher Tringham
Claire Redfield
Nura Nal-Dox


Miguel Sera

- ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ - Luis' beloved grandfather, the man who exclusively raised him. Luis looked up to him as a hero and a role model, and it was with his encouragement that Luis left Pueblo to pursue his education in the first place. Though Miguel succumbed to the Las Plagas outbreak long before Luis even knew it was going on, his grandfather's death still haunts him and he feels guilty for helping to propogate the parasites that killed him.

Bitores Mendez

- ■ - The village chief of Pueblo. Luis feels nothing but hatred for Mendez, at whose house he used to spend afternoons reading all the books in his private library. Mendez sold out to Los Illuminados, caused the deaths of the villagers he was supposed to be protecting, and later orchestrated the manhunt and planned execution of Luis himself. May he be burned crispy as a weird centipede thing in that shack in the canyon.

Ramon Salazar

- ■ - The creepy midget albino castellan of Castle Salazar, nearby Pueblo. As one of Saddler's underlings, Luis holds him in the same disgusted regard as Mendez-- though at least Mendez has some measure of competence, unlike this freak.

Osmund Saddler

- ■ - Head of the Los Illuminados cult and Luis' former employer. He never especially liked Saddler, but Luis saw him as a means to the end of curing Las Plagas. He played nice and got into Saddler's good graces and inner circle of trust. Unfortunately, Luis ended up assisting Saddler's half-baked world domination scheme and strengthening the very parasites he was trying to destroy. Then his distaste for Saddler turned into straight-up hatred, only intensified when the creepy old man speared Luis in the back with a tentacle and made him painfully bleed to death.

Luis is extremely pleased that the old bastard is dead by Leon's hand.

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