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[Screened to Team Science, Rebecca and Fran M, medium hackability]

[Notes on Parasite Crab Infection]

Data Collected by L. Sera, R. Chambers, F. Madaraki
(as compiled by L. Sera)

The infection is caused by a neurotoxin or a viral compound in the venom of a crab bite. Onset of stage 1 symptoms occurs within several hours of infection, with pain and numbness present immediately upon injury.

So far, the infection seems to have four known stages of symptoms. Data is unfortunately imperfect and may not be flawless, as notes come from several different subjects. Notes will be provided for known symptoms/data only and no conclusions can be drawn at the moment.


DATA A: Chambers, Rebecca
21 / Female / AB
Notes taken by Chambers throughout Stage 1-3 of infection.

DATA B: Kennedy, Leon
28 / Male / A
Notes taken from blood sample administered by L. Sera in Stage 1.

DATA C: Madaraki, Fran
?? / Female / ??
Notes taken by Madaraki throughout Stage 1-3 of infection; Stage 4 notes taken by L. Sera based on tissue sample from infection site.

NOTE: The data for Madaraki is somewhat questionable, as there is is extremely unusual physiological... everything for her. Further study req'd?

Stage 1
Duration: 1-4 days after infection
Symptoms: Weakness, tiredness, fatigue-- by day 3 a cough develops and fever/aches may be present.

Stage 2
Duration: 5 to 12 days after infection
Symptoms: Fatigue, cough and fever continue and worsen-- appetite lessens and respiratory problems occur near the end of the second week.

Stage 3
Duration: 13 to 21 days after infection
Symptoms: All symptoms worsen-- weight loss occurs and subject is weak. Coughing slowly worsens and blood is present in sputum.

Stage 4
Duration: 22 days to...?
Symptoms: Coughing and breathing difficulties worsen. Fatigue makes movement difficult, mild delirium may be present.

Further study required re: stage 4 infection, any possible stages after. Unfortunately, caution must be taken: Infection appears to be life-threatening beyond stage 3-- all subjects in good health, no current data on patients with prior health conditions.

Infection must be cured upon patient request or if patient's health/safety is in jeopardy.

Current Priorities:

1. Study anatomy/physiology of parasite crab, determine source of infection.
2. Formulate possible cure/preventative vaccine.


How does the commercial go? Double your fun and double your pleasure? Something like that? Hope everybody's okay.

In other news, funny how an evening can be entirely worth the hangover you get afterward, sí?
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